1. Someday, in the middle of the road, i’ll drive with you and we’ll keep going. Across the ghost of all the traffic lights and through the silhouettes of the skyline. We won’t stop (well, unless if it’s time to go for a 60-second grocery at a family mart or 7/11). Never. Because if i would, i might let someone who meant everything to just get out of the car my life.


  2. Supposedly went for a thrifty food trip to Maginhawa (which is a minute-walk, if you’re a quick one, from UP) but rather ended up at UP town center where we got no choice but to eat at iHOP. Well, that was one hell of a broker. (But i liked eating a free french toast from a friend who got a full appetite already [goodness gracious])


  3. Wish i got cousins of my age who live a minute-walk from our house and I could just text them and knock at their doors and rush into the car and leave and go somewhere nobody knows where.


  4. In between darkness is a venture for light.


  5. I prefer dreams over wishes.


  6. There are those times when I madly want to be poetic yet I lack the words I had before. I miss how I get the hang of having the wealth of thoughts to say.  Maybe it’s time to read again.